Social Media & Analytics

There is no need to be present in all social media channels!
For a small business, creating a social media strategy to connect with the local audience can be the key you were looking for to make your business take off.  But it is important to remember that there is no need to spread yourself thin to cover all social media out there when you can be creating quality content in one or two channels.

Most important to know is where are your current and potential customers hang out online! Best way to find out, is to just ask what platform they are using. Yes, it is that simple! If you want to attract a new customer base, let’s say your current customers are mostly in the 30-40 year age range and you want to gain 20-30 year old’s, find people of that age and ask. Remember, people of all ages like to be asked what they know and are happy to answer a simple question like this! Do not forget to ask as many as you can on what they use for social media!

Strategize Your Social Media
To create a long-lasting social media strategy that keeps giving you need to do the following:

  • Find your audience.
  • Engage with the platform’s community.
  • Get the most out of their features.
  • Post regularly.

Remember finding your audience is not difficult. If you are targeting a younger audience, you will need to put effort into keeping up with the latest platforms. But if you are targeting a micro-niche that primarily uses Reddit, you can focus your efforts there. Keeping up with the platform’s community and using all their features can make a huge impact on your presence.

Here are some good resources for the top 3 Social Media platforms:

Entrepreneur’s guide to using Facebook for business

How to use Twitter for business

How to plan an Instagram marketing strategy to attract business

What are analytics? In short, once set up and connected to your website, you can track how people find your website, what search terms they used, where they went on your site, how long they were there, what devices they used to view your site, where they are located and so much more. Why is this important? This can help you in many ways allowing you to change your suite layout to accommodate the users desires and needs when searching for the content they need and increasing customer attraction and sales!

If you have claimed your business with Google as mentioned in our previous article, adding Analytics is easy to add to most any website and is an immensely powerful tool in marketing. Just remember to use this tool regularly, as you will gain the most insight with a little effort when used over a longer periods of time.

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