1. Successful online businesses websites grab their visitors’ attention
You want to create a visual brand which stands out as much as the amazing value you are providing to your customers. What will they see when they look at your site? What will they be drawn to? Choose fonts, colors, and images which will appeal to the people you want to attract and coordinates with your Brand. You have six seconds to make that vital first impression when someone comes to your website, make it count!

2. Say what you do in your tagline.
Your ideal customer has landed on your site and like what they see. What message are you going to give them? Remember the clock is ticking; you need to grab their attention. It needs to say clearly what you do and how it benefits your customer in as few words as possible.

3. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
Make sure your site looks and feels consistent throughout! Inconsistent layouts, sizing, fonts, images, and colors will send the message that you are not a professional in what you do. Make sure your website is designed in a way that it will not appear as an afterthought or was done on the cheap.

4. Content, content and content
People have truly short attention spans, so content you create should entertain, educate, or inspire. If you can do two or even all three, fantastic! Create content that is unique, informative, and engaging. Also remember that people come to your website from all sorts of places such as a search, social media post, link, referral, etc. So unlike your physical location, your online home has could have dozens or hundreds of doors they could enter through. Make sure each page has content that will entice them.

5. Intuitive Layout on All Devices
People are access websites through a multitude of devices. It is crucial to make sure your website is easy to navigate for every user experience. A poorly designed layout will lose you prospective clients.

6. About Us: The Human Side of Your Business
Your “About Us” page is the first place a new prospect will click when researching your business. Take advantage of this page to bring personality and tell a story.

7. Calls-to-Action
What do people want information on and what is the next step for them to act on? Do they already know they want to book an appointment, buy a product, connect with you, or visit physical location? Make it clear, so no time is wasted from the website to the desired action.

NOTE: Make sure your website is https://, if it’s still in http:// by using an inexpensive SSL certificate that ensures your website is safe for your customers to visit. Don’t let your website turn into a store in a ghost town where nobody notices it.

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