In the last post we discuss ways to take orders online. In this post we will discuss getting the product into your customers’ hands. Although it may seem like a simple thing to thing about, during this time having a list of ways to do so, can help with all of the changes occurring during Covid-19 restrictions:

  1. QUICK PICKUP – Allow customers to call in or order online from your website for quick pickup in store, to minimize contact with others. Use this with in-store interaction minimization recommendations by health officials. This could include having a quick pickup counter near the front of your store and include red or yellow tape to show distances between customers in line.
  2. CURBSIDE PICKUP – Allows customers to call in or order online and have a pickup spot in your parking lot. You can have a designated spot or spots in your lot, near the front or side door. Choose to have a employee watch for people driving up OR use your phone as a way for customers to call in let you know they arrived OR add a sign with wireless doorbell (sign can be as simple as a post in a bucket of sand with clear plastic sign written in permanent marker).
  3. LOCAL DELIVERY – If you have the resources, you could consider allowing employees to deliver products within town. Please use health department recommendations when doing so (ie. hand sanitizer, gloves, minimization of contact with customer)
  4. SHIPPING – Shipping is always a reliable method and can be integrated in any shopping cart or even call in systems.

*Remember to listen to and check with your state or county health department on the current restrictions before implementing any of these ideas during this time.