There are so many ways to take orders online and many ways to get the orders into your customers’ hands. In this post, we will discuss the basics of online orders and cover the delivery later. If you already have a website, then you are half way there in most cases to allowing customers to order online. Lets go through a couple of possibilities:

  1. BASIC WEBSITE OWNERS – Add order contact info on your site or better yet a form to allow customers to request products or services.
  2. WEBSITE BUILDERS РIf you are using a website builder through a company such as GoDaddy, WIX, Squarespace contact your provider to see what the possibilities are to add in a cart to your site. In most cases, online website builders can be quickly upgraded to allow a shopping cart to be added, where you can add your products. If you are using Shopify, then you are already on a cart type system and are well aware of this fact.
  3. WORDPRESS OR JOOMLA – Both of these systems have the capability to quickly add systems to turn your site into a cart system easily and quickly.
  4. RESTAURANTS – We recommend talking to your POS (Point of Sale) company. These systems can be very specialized for your industry and offer systems that allow for table orders (by waiter or customer tabletop kiosk), Counter Sales, Takeout, or Delivery. These systems can be integrated into your current website or can have a website included as part of your package.