Getting a website, especially right now can be vital to staying in business, since many customers may not be able to get to you and you may not have the same “Business Hours” as you did a few days ago. I know, websites can be really confusing due to all of the platforms you can use to build & create one, trying to understand a domain name is, what about a shopping cart, what is hosting, what’s an SSL, what the heck??? (Read Our Primer)

Take a breath and relax. Here at FusionFly we have met with many clients to help walk them through the “dark forest of confusion” to learn about their specific needs, explain the options & send them in the right direction! Yes, at times this does mean that we send them to another developer/design team or to a simple platform that we can introduce them to. I know it sounds like bad business to send someone to our competition, but we believe in long term relationships built on trust and doing the right thing for others. Please reach out to us, we want to help!