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Website Builder

Build a better website in under an hour.

Designed for Google, mobile, social and success.

It’s easy. Seriously!

Building your own website can seem like a daunting task. Who wants to deal with code, anyway? Instead, GoCentral is a modular website builder that makes it easy as pie to create your own website in about an hour.

Like building blocks for your website.

Don’t restrict yourself to templates. Go Central lets you quickly build a customized site and get it out there for the world to see. And it’s all done through components that we call sections.

How do sections work?

Good question. They’re features that you can slide into your website to provide added functionality, instead of being limited by a template. And we’ve got options for every type of business.


Appointment scheduling

Sometimes customers are up at 3am making appointments. Do you want to take that call? Problem solved.


Online Store

Want to sell stuff? No sweat. Showcase your products and make them easy to buy. Even manage orders and inventory.


Email subscription signup

Email is a super effective way to connect people with your brand, and that starts with email subscription signup.


Contact form

How is anyone going to get a hold of you without a contact form? They’re not. This section makes keeping in touch simple.


Events calendar

If you’ve got things going on, you’ll want visitors to know when and where to be. This section gets the word out.


Photo gallery

Show your fans what you’re doing with a photo gallery. Put all of your favorite shots in there and build your brand.


Menu/price list

You don’t need to be a restaurant to have a menu. It’s a great way to explain your products and pricing.


Social media integration

Make it easy for visitors to like, share or follow your business on social media.


Embedded video

Grab your audience’s attention with embedded videos. This section integrates them smoothly into your content.


SoundCloud integration

Want to give your SoundCloud tracks or podcast some exposure? This section gives you a playlist of your greatest hits.


Embedded blog

Tell the world what’s going on with an embedded blog. It helps with SEO, and gives your website a voice — yours.



OpenTable is one of the best ways to get hungry customers through your doors. With this section, they can make reservations online.

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