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Starting a website project. 

FusionFly works with all types of clients, from small one-person businesses to large, national organizations. No matter what size of website we develop for our clients, they all start with a need. We will work with you to identify those need(s) to build you a great solution. For 99% of our clients, we use WordPress software because:

  • Expands to grow with your needs
  • 100% Customizable
  • Ease of use
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Endless add-on features (calendars, shopping carts, portfolios etc).

We have created three website plans to provide customers a custom, professionally built website at an affordable monthly cost. Our goal is to provide customers with personalized web solutions with outstanding local, customer service.



  • Domain & Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Installation & setup of website
  • 1 Domain based email or forwarding
  • Basic theme
  • 1-2 page site
  • Basic contact form
  • Basic location map
  • 5 image photo gallery
  • 3 stock images
  • Site security
  • Analytics (Optional)
  • Additional site features (Optional)




  • Domain, Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Installation & setup of website
  • 1 Domain based email or forwarding
  • Standard theme
  • 1-15 page site
  • Contact form
  • Location map
  • 10 image photo gallery
  • 5 stock images
  • Site security installed & monitored
  • Analytics installed
  • Additional site features (Optional)
  • 1/4 hour of additional service time included per month
  • Discounted service rate




  • Domain, Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Installation & setup of website
  • 1 Domain based email or forwarding
  • Premium theme
  • 15+ page site
  • Custom contact form
  • Location map
  • 10+ image photo gallery
  • 10 stock images
  • Premium site security & monitoring
  • Advanced (dashboard) analytics installed
  • 1/4 hour of additional service time included per month
  • Level 2 discounted service rate
  • Additional site features (Optional)


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Every website needs 3 things!

No matter how you build your website, you must have: 1: A Domain Name2: Hosting and 3: Security.

For many of our clients, the three services below are a good balance between function, capability, and cost. Even if you have a lot of site visitors and extensive site functionality, these products are very dependable. Not sure, don't worry, as these can be upgraded at any time very easily, without starting over!

1: Find Your Domain

Choose a domain name. This is the address your friends, family and clients will use to find your website. Choose one that makes it easy to remember and ties to your business or organization's name.

2: Add Your Hosting

Hosting is storage you rent where the files for your website will be stored for easy access 24/7/365 by anyone searching for your or typing in you domain name above. We recommend WordPress hosting for 99% of our clients, for many reasons. One reason is the service is optimized and secured specifically for your WordPress website.

WordPress Basic

Think basic sites and blogs and startups.

  • 1 website
  • 10GB SSD storage
  • 25,000 monthly visitors
  • SFTP

$10.48 / per month

3: Secure Your Website

An SSL Certificate secures your site beyond what is included with your WordPress Hosting. The SSL assures the data passed between your client's computer and the server are encrypted. A quality certificate like ours also guarantees that you are who you say you are, setting your customer's minds at ease, when they see the lock and/or green in the address bar of their browser window. Plus, many search engines, such as Google, are ranking websites that have an SSL certificate higher.

Standard SSL Single Domain

Verifies your domain control & secures your site.

  • Domain validated
  • Issued within minutes
  • $100,000 warranty

$62.49 $39.99 / per year