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What does your website do for you? 

This is a question we ask our current and potential clients. Most of the time we get a very puzzled look in response. People don’t expect their website to work for them, more often than not they just think of their website as an interactive newspaper ad or a very expensive business card. Then we show them how it can be a well rounded, marketing solution that can do so much more.


FusionFly works with all types of clients, from small one-person businesses to large, national organizations. No matter what size of website we develop for our clients, they all start with a need. We will work with you to identify those need(s) to build you a great solution. For 99% of our clients, we use WordPress software because:

  • Expands to grow with your needs
  • 100% Customizable
  • Ease of use
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Endless add-on features (calendars, shopping carts, portfolios etc).

Why build your site with FusionFly?

  • We build sites that meet your needs
  • Our websites are mobile friendly
  • Our sites are professional as well as affordable
  • We have plan options to fit your budget
  • We are always here to help

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If you already have a website and it has been a few years since you have done anything with it, not sure if it is working for you, or what could or should be done now with it, we can certainly help.

We want you to know the actual value of your investment and always put time into explaining to our customers what works and does not work on websites, who should have one, how it can bring in new business, and how it can be put properly put to work for you.

We also realize that you have probably invested considerable time and energy in the first, second or maybe even the third time in building or redesigning it. We believe that there is NO reason for that time and money go to waste and will work hard to make any changes are balanced with a true return on investment.

Whether your current website was built with HTML, HTML5, WordPress, Joomla, a site builder, or other method, we have the experience to walk you through the process and assist you.


Would you buy a car and never change the oil? Of course not, you invested time and money researching and purchasing the car. Maintaining your purchase is vital to getting your "money's worth" out of your investment.

Yes, many years ago, it was common practice to build a website so that it was nothing more than an online yellow pages listing of your business, providing little more than some extra credibility. Today it is much more than that! Websites today not only provide basic information, but also can establish and grow client relationships, reduce expenses, and so much MORE.

More important than all of this is keeping your site high in the Search Engines, block Hackers and Spammers, upgrade or expand so that your site has the latest capabilities. This would be similar to cleaning your car and replacing the outdated 8 track player with maybe Satellite radio.

Why would customers buy from you or trust your business when your website looks like a rusty old hunk of junk sitting in 3 feet of grass? Yet the fact is that millions of sites no longer have the correct phone number or address. Many more have links off to porn or generic viagra, sunglasses, or other knock-off products.


We have created three website plans to provide customers a custom, professionally built website at an affordable monthly cost.


  • COMPLETE Professionally Site Build
  • Optimized & Secure Hosting
  • Professional, Personalized Local Support 
  • Standard Domain
  • SSL Certificate
  • Site Security

All for one low monthly fee  (*must commit to 2 year plan).

Starter Plan

  • Domain & Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Installation & setup of website
  • 1 Domain based email or forwarding
  • Basic theme
  • 1-2 page site
  • Basic contact form
  • Basic location map
  • 5 image photo gallery
  • 3 stock images
  • Site security
  • Analytics (Optional)
  • Additional site features (Optional)

Standard Plan

  • Domain, Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Installation & setup of website
  • 1 Domain based email or forwarding
  • Standard theme
  • 1-15 page site
  • Contact form
  • Location map
  • 10 image photo gallery
  • 5 stock images
  • Site security installed & monitored
  • Analytics installed
  • Additional site features (Optional)
  • 1/4 hour of additional service time included per month
  • Discounted service rate

Premium Plan

  • Domain, Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Installation & setup of website
  • 1 Domain based email or forwarding
  • Premium theme
  • 15+ page site
  • Custom contact form
  • Location map
  • 10+ image photo gallery
  • 10 stock images
  • Premium site security & monitoring
  • Advanced (dashboard) analytics installed
  • 1/4 hour of additional service time included per month
  • Level 2 discounted service rate
  • Additional site features (Optional)

Our goal is to provide customers with personalized web solutions with outstanding local, customer service.

Every website needs 3 things!

No matter how you build your website, you must have: 1: A Domain Name2: Hosting and 3: Security.  Have more questions about websites? Visit our Website FAQ's

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DIY - Build Your Website Now!

Online services for all you "techie" DIY-ers out there. 

FusionFly offers quality online services for everything web. Secure your domain name, hosting, or even start building your own web site today with our Website Builders! Doing-it-yourself can be overwhelming, we are here to assist you as little or as much as you need. If you are ready, let's get started.