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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Should I Have A Website?

    Q: My business is very small, just me and my wife, and our product really can't be sold online. Do I really need a website?

    A: Even if you're not planning on selling online, a well-crafted site is essential for any business.

    Below are the 3 top reasons to have one:

    1. To provide basic information that establishes credibility. 

    2. Establish and grow client relationships.

    3. Help clients find your business.

    There is one one main reason not to have a website. It is actually better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad. Your site either says, “We take our business seriously!” or “Look, I let a 12 year old create it!” For the full list and other information regarding why you need a website Click Here!

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  • 2. How Do I Get Started With A Website? How do I build it?

    Taking on a website project can be very, very overwhelming! There are so many questions, such as what do I need?

    1. 1. Do I need a domain?
    2. 2. Do I need hosting?
    3. 3. Do I need special software
    4. 4. What are website builders?
    5. 5. What about hackers and security?
    6. 6. Is a site that sells products different than a blog or other site?

    And it does not help that each website can be different and presents different requirements. We at FusionFly understand how you feel and want to make the process as simple as possible.

    We honestly, we would be happy to meet with you for free to answer your questions and even walk you through the process of getting started, even if you choose not to work with us or purchase services through someone else! We care more that you get the knowledge you need to start off right and definitely believe that doing so our privilege.

    So please contact us and let us get you started on the right foot!

    Contact Us!

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  • 3. What Is A Domain?

    A Domain is a simple way of finding something on the Internet. Examples of these are:


    A domain name, like those above or, is a lot like a street address for a house or business.

    Let's use the White House as an example. The street address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is an exact location — like an IP address (Read More below to learn about IP Addresses). You might not know the exact street address, but when you visit Washington, D.C., you can tell your cabbie that you want to visit the White House and still get there. This is how a domain name is used: It's an easy way to reach the exact location of a website without having to remember its numeric address.


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  • 4. How Do I Choose The Right Domain?

    Finding the Right Domain that fits you, your business, or your organization can be a key to a successful website!

    1. Start by brainstorming.

    • Think of words like your business or organization  name,
    • keywords such as a product or service you offer, or
    • words related to what you’ll be covering in your blog.

    2. Check the sound and flow of several combinations of the words you are thinking of.

    • Try to avoid words that combine into offensive combinations.
    • Does it roll of the tongue?
    • Is it easy to spell?

    3. Judge your options on memorability

    • Is it easy to remember?
    • Ask friends and family what they think?

    4. Narrow down your list of options based on availability and which ones you like. 

    • Can't find the one you like? Don't forget there are many more options than .com. Think about using something like a .org, .shop, .online, .club, .live, .xyz, .site, .rocks, .life, .tech, .world, .beer, .fitness, .photography.

    Check Domain Availability

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  • 5. What is Web Hosting?

    Web hosting is a service that allows businesses, organizations and individuals to place a website or web page onto the Internet. A web hosting service provider such as GoDaddy or FusionFly, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

    When a users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server through many others and a copy of your webpages will be shown on their computer using their browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.).

    Although you could try to setup your own server to avoid the cost, you will quickly find that the cost of a server, the required software, knowledge, and ongoing maintenance is incredibly expensive, especially as you will likely spend very little per month to purchase reliable hosting through a reputable provider.

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  • 6. What Is An SSL And Do I Need One?

    What does an SSL do? In simple terms it:

    1. Encrypts data between your website and your customers. Securing both their visit and any information submitted.
    2. Protects your login username and password when you edit your website.
    3. Provides authentication that the site your visitors see is yours and not a fake site.
    4. Trust that your site is not accidentally passing data to a hacker or spammer.
    5. Can increase your Search Engine Ranking (see below).

    If you have a website? Here is something Google thinks you should know:

    Google recently updated its search engine ranking algorithm to include a preference for secure websites and it has begun to affect your online ranking. As stated by Google:

    "Beyond our own stuff, we’re also working to make the Internet safer more broadly. A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure....We want to go even further. At Google I/O a few months ago, we called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web.... so we're starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal." (Note:  HTTPS means that a website has an SSL)


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  • 7. What Does Mobile Responsive Mean?

    If a website is "Mobile Responsive" it means the website can be easily viewed from a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. There are different degrees of "responsiveness" and the standards are constantly changing as technology and browsing devices change. All the websites we build at FusionFly are mobile responsive.  Learn more about Mobile Responsiveness.

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  • 8. Does FusionFly Build Websites That Work On Tablets And Phones?

    With the mass majority of websites being viewed on mobile devices (Iphones, Ipads, Android phones, PC tablets, etc.), if a website is not able to be viewed on a mobile device, there is little use to building it in the first place! This is called mobile optimization or responsive web design.

    So yes, we believe that FusionFly would not be doing our best for our clients if we did not build every site with mobile capabilities and test each one throughout development, as well when your site is launched.

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  • 9. What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of modifying your website and submitting it to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN, etc.), so that your website is listed high in the searches when someone is looking for the product or service you offer.

    If you need help with your website SEO, we would love to help! Please contact us to discuss the process.

    Contact Us

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  • 10. What is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports about your website traffic.  From your Google analytics page you can see a ton of information from simple things to very in depth statistics. These stats include how many people are visiting your site, when they visited, what pages or posts they are looking at, how they found your site, what device they used to visit your site, and so much more.

    Why is this important? Simply put, by reviewing and analyzing the data you can see how you can improve your site. If you are selling widgets, but everyone visiting is looking for pizza cutters, there is definately a problem. If your services are meant for people within your local county, but most everyone visiting your site is from Ireland, there is a problem.

    Analytics can seriously help improve engagement and click-throughs! Or in other words, Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI (return on investment) and allows you to turn insights into action.

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  • 11. What Does It Cost To Build A Website?

    If you haven't noticed, many developers shy away from giving prices for developing a website. This is due to two primary reasons:

    1. 1. Each website can be completely different. The price for one can be completely different due to the features each site incorporates.
    2. 2. Developers don't want their competitors to know.

    Some of the features I mentioned above in number 1 could include advanced contact forms, shopping carts, hundreds of shopping cart features, image galleries, video capabilities, animation, stock photography, staff listing, site memberships/discounts, and many, many more!

    We at FusionFly offer 3 packages that simplify your total cost and do not hide additional costs such as website hosting, domain, and SSL certificates. Everything is included and spelled out in these monthly fees, and include security, training, stock photography, as well as our expertise in graphic design and advanced development and coding. Please feel free to review our packages and contact us on our very reasonable pricing.

    Website Packages

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  • 12. If FusionFly Helps Me or Builds My Website, Can I Update It?

    In short, yes! We build site and provide ongoing support as needed to our clients. Honestly, you know your business best and are the best person to make updates to your site and possibly your blog posts.

    Every site we build uses a simple to use editor that allows even the most technologically challenged person log in and make changes.

    And YES we will train you on all the features of your site, how to make edits and we are always here to help you if you forgot how to do something. You are never on your own!

    We regularly tell clients, if something is taking more than a few minutes to remember how to do it, call us, we will walk you through the steps so you to save time now and are better ready for the next time!

    Let Us Know How We Can Help!

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  • 13. Should I Spring Clean My Website?

    The short answer is YES! Websites are not meant to be static, especially in this day and age of fast changing technology. Every website needs at least some type of regular maintenance. Here at FusionFly we monitor our client sites for many things, including security and software updates and encourage our clients to add and remove information as often as possible. Here are just a few reasons to keep your site cleaned up include:

    1. 1. Sites that have old photos, pages and posts can load slower.
    2. 2. Search Engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo ranks sites with fresh content higher.
    3. 3. Old software can allow hackers and spammers to take over your site.

    Want to learn more? READ OUR FULL ARTICLE

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  • 14. How Long Does It Take to Build A Website?

    This is a very good question, with many questions that must be asked before one can answer! We have built sites within 24 hours, with content and site updates over the next few weeks or months. However, is the site really completed at the 24 hour mark?

    As the adage says, "You can have it 1. Good, 2. Fast, and 3. Cheap, but you must choose only 2".

    A good site means one that has been well thought out and laid out, comprising of good quality content, images and search engine optimization integrated into every page. It also means getting the organization or business properly listed with all of the major search engines.

    For most of our clients, as with painting, the prep work is what takes the most time. Gathering content, laying it out, designing and photos is the prep work. With this in hand, we can present a complete, quality site within a week or two, but that is rarely the case.

    So in much of our work, we will sit down with the client, go over design and layout ideas, await content/images and begin to place it into the site. This means between 4-8 weeks depending on the client's schedule.

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  • 15. I Already Have A Website, Can FusionFly Help Me?

    Without a doubt, we can help! We have decades of experience going back to the infancy of the Internet and have seen most everything. If you have it, we have likely seen it. From HTML, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, Joomla, WordPress, to many of the site builders, there is not much we have not had experience with.

    But if we feel that your project is better served by another firm, we will certainly not hesitate to let you know and get you in personal touch with them. We will never try to just "get your business, to get it". That is not how we operate. Our mission is to provide the best service to our clients and build long term relationships!

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  • 16. What About Website Security?

    Here at FusionFly, we take website security very, very seriously! Every site we build incorporates malware and many other advanced security measures.

    In fact, our plans for a new site builds are specifically designed so that you are guaranteed that we are monitoring and maintaining your website, with regular scans and 24/7/365 monitoring.

    We also include 30 day rolling backups, in case anything does go wrong, your site can be recovered within a few minutes.

    All of this is covered in your plan and plans insure that we are responsible to you, we certainly cannot leave you hanging after your site is built, as our income is dependant on your ongoing satisfaction.

    For those of our clients with completed sites, we offer a similar plan to secure, update, and maintain their sites. So whether you created your site on your own, through us, a friend or another developer we are here to help you every step of the way!

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  • 17. I Saw Something On Someone Else's Site, Can You Build That For Me?

    Yes, absolutely! We are happy to make the website you want and need. Please note that in some cases additional software could be required to make the feature available for usually a very small fee ($15 -$150) that is paid to the developer of the software and that depending it may be an annual fee.

    Yet a fee is not often required. Due to the competition between developers of website software, many times we can find you an add-on software package with comparable capabilities for no cost or at worst, a one time fee.

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  • 1. What is Exchange?

    Exchange is specific and business class email, calendar, and contact services that is provided through Microsoft and their approved reseller agents.

    You are likely already familiar with this type of email if you ever used Outlook email during previous experiences at work, school or other organizations. Although many email accounts (gmail, yahoo, etc.) can be connected and run through a desktop version of Outlook, many of the advanced and highly desired features are not available unless you are using an exchange server for your email.

    For example, if you wish to set an out of office response, with exchange you can accomplish this directly through your desktop version of Outlook. If you are using another email account, say gmail, you will need to log directly into your account at gmail to enable it.


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  • 2. What is OneDrive?

    OneDrive is File storage and sharing with 1TB storage per user (based on standard 365 business account) that can be accessed from anywhere and easily share documents with others. If you are using a PC with a newer operating system, like Windows 10, you will notice that OneDrive will show up under your file explorer.

    You can store files in this location and those files will be available on any other computer when you are signed into with your microsoft account. So if you have a laptop and a desktop and you sign in with your Microsoft account, you will be able to access the files from either.

    A few key benefits to One Drive:
    1. Share your folders or files with others using their email address.
    2. Your files are accessible to you wherever you are.
    3. Since your files are stored in the "cloud", they remain available even if your computer is lost, stolen, or destroyed by a man-made event or natural disaster.

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  • 3. What is Skype?

    Skype is online conferencing that allows you to host online meetings with audio and video using one-click screen sharing and HD video conferencing right from your Skype app on your computer, laptop, iPad or many other electronic devices.

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  • 4. What is Teams?

    MS Teams allows you or your employees to effectively work together in groups designed by you, managers or group leaders and are focused on a specific project or goal. The Teams app provides a workplace chat area that includes the ability to online meetings, share notes, and  attachments regardless of where your each team member may be located.

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  • 5. What is Office 365? How is it different from Microsoft Office?

    Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services). Office 365 includes plans for use at home and for business. Office 365 plans for business include services such as Skype for Business web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive for Business.

    Many Office 365 plans also include the desktop version of the latest Office applications, which users can install across multiple computers and devices. The fully installed applications include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. (Publisher and Access are available on PC only.)

    And you can install them across multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Android phones, iPad, and iPhone. When you have an active Office 365 subscription that includes the desktop version of Office, you always have the most up-to-date version of the applications.

    All Office 365 plans are paid for on a subscription basis, monthly or annually.

    Microsoft Office. "Microsoft Office” is the name we still use for familiar productivity software. Office suites are available as a one-time purchase and include applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which can be installed on only one PC or Mac. The applications are not automatically updated, so you will need to purchase the product again when the new version becomes available. The latest versions currently available for one-time purchase are Office 2016 for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac. These suites do not come with any of the cloud-based services included in Office 365.

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  • 6. What is Sharepoint?

    Sharepoint Intranet Team Sites. Sharepoint is the electronic equivalent of the old file cabinets every company use to have. Employees would file away documents and photos for future reference or based on need. Today, many of these have been replaced by in-house and on-site servers that allow employees to save documents to a specific drive, the server, for access by authorized personnel.

    Sharepoint is the next evolution, placing the server in a "secure cloud" with no on-site server needed. It is easily access and is secure. In addition is can be easily accessed by employees, even those who may be on a business trip or those employees who work remotely.  Biggest benefit to this is not only security and accessibility, but can mean a large reduction in costs associated with in-house servers and tech staff.

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  • 7. What is Yammer?

    Yammer allows your employees to connect and share information across teams so they can go further, faster. Think of Yammer as your company's "Private Facebook", but limited to your office staff. It allows your staff to interact with each other in real time, with specific team or group of members based on company divisions or even special projects. This way they can get smart suggestions from people and groups right away using alerts on any or all their electronic devices. Yammer can help teams adapt quickly to change and work together more productively—like a network.

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  • 8. What is Planner?

    Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat and get updates on progress.

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  • 9. What is Sway?

    SWAY Professional digital storytelling tools to create interactive reports, presentations, and more

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  • 10. What is Microsoft Bookings Scheduling?

    Microsoft Bookings Scheduling provides convenient online options making it easier for your customers to schedule appointments.

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  • 11. Flow Workflow Automation

    Flow Workflow Automation you can automate workflows to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more – no coding required.

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  • 12. What is Power Apps?

    Power Apps web and mobile app development. Quickly build and publish custom business apps – no coding required.

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  • 1. What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is act of communicating a commercial message using electronic mail or "e-mail". It is normally sent to a large group of people who are interested in or have already used/purchased your services and, or products. These emails can contain promotional specials, discounts, coupons, or they can provide information such as a newsletter or product update or quick tip. Email marketing helps stay in contact with customers, strengthen customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

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  • 2. What Types Of Emails Can I Send?

    Email Marketing is a great way to stay in touch with people who matter to you and your business/organization!  Many people think of newsletters, coupons or discounts. You can also send invitations,information or special announcements.

    Marketing Emails can:

    • Announce an event
    • Share a promotion
    • Give a coupon or disount
    • Ask for a donation
    • Highlight important information
    • Education on a subject
    • Introduce new product or staff
    • Remind of deadline
    • Send a thank you

    Try It For Free

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  • 3. What is Event Marketing?

    "Event Marketing" is a group of tools and features available to those who have an  "Email Plus" account with Constant Contact. These group of tools and features allow you to manage and promote events through your Constant Contact dashboard. You can promote your events by sending email announcements/invitations, manage registration and send out reminders and thank you emails. The event registration can even take payments.

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  • 4. Can I Try Constant Contact For Free?

    Absolutely! And yes, there is NO obligation and NO credit card required to try it! Just use the linked button below to get started.

    Try It For Free

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  • 5. How Many Emails Can I Send?

    You can send unlimited emails. Constant Contact does not charge per-mail, but based on the number of unique email addresses you have. Click here to learn more about the price of Constant Contact Email Marketing.

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  • 6. Why Can't I Use My Regular Email To Send Mass Emails?

    A personal email address, or even a business or work email (such as or is setup to send individual emails or to small groups. A personal email no not setup to send large, marketing emails and in fact if you send too many emails from your personal email account, your email address could be blacklisted!  It is recommended to send "bulk" or "marketing" emails through a third-party provider such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.  Learn more about Third-Party Email Marketing.

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  • 7. How Difficult Is It To Use Constant Contact?

    Constant Contact has easy to use templates and a "drag-and-drop" editor making it very simple to use. You can save your branded template, logo, colors and theme to make it a snap to create a consistent email campaign. You can load images to the media library or purchase stock images if needed.

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  • 8. How Much Does Constant Contact Cost?

    Accounts start at $20 a month. Email Marketing through Constant Contact is based on the number of "unique" email addresses in your email list. It also is different if you have an "Email" or "Email Plus" account.

    Price Breaks For Email List Size

    • 0-500
    • 501-2,500
    • 2,501-5,000
    • 5,001 - 10,000

    Click here to compare Constant Contact's Email/Email Plus plan costs.

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  • 9. Is There A Discount For Non-Profit Organizations?

    YES! Constant Contact provides discounted prices for non-profits organizations and Chamber of Commerce. There are also discounts for pre-paying 6 months and 12 months in advance. You will need to apply for the non-profit account.

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  • 1. How Do I Protect Myself with Anti-Virus & Malware?

    If you are running a PC desktop or PC laptop and not sure you have an anti-virus software installed, there may be a problem on its way, if you have not already had one. In fact, anti-virus is even a good idea for even your windows and/or android phones.

    Many of the most reliable anti-virus software programs out today such as Norton Deluxe or Premium, AVG Ultimate, and McAfee Total have the capability to be installed via subscription onto multiple devices. That way you can install your AVG Anti-virus on your PC Desktop, Laptop, and phone, based on the package you choose.

    They can be licensed for anywhere from 1, 5, 10 devices or your entire family's devices. For example the one that I used is licensed for all the devices in my family. That means 4+ computers and 3 phones.

    In addition each software version can include malware scans, Internet protection, email scanning, email spam blockers, privacy control, driver updaters, parental control, computer tuneup, and more.

    Prices range from $29 to $99 a year depending on the company and the specific software package you choose.

    If you are a qualifying non-profit, most of these 3 companies allow for discounts or to be purchased on at a large discount.

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  • 2. What Is The Microsoft Popup About Malware?

    If you receive a pop-up on your PC when you are searching on the Internet that states something like:

    "Your computer is infected, please click on the link (or call a specific number) to have a Microsoft Technician assist you in removing this harmful malware (or virus)."

    Of course the message may change slightly, but normally it pops up in a flashing screen that gets everyone's attention.

    STOP RIGHT THERE! DO NOT click on the link or call the number, it is very unlikely that you DO NOT have a virus or malware on your computer.

    From the experience of two separate clients, I can tell you they both ended up getting charged $200 and  $230 by an off-shore company (not Microsoft). Thankfully the charges were reversed by their credit card companies, but in both cases took lots of time and effort to remove them. In addition, there was the cost to remove the embedded software that was left in by the "Technician" (scammer) and would allow this scammer back into their computer at a later date when least expected.

    What to Do:

    First and foremost, close out of your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge Safari, etc.) and see if the message disappears. If it does, this definitely means that the website or page you were on when it happened is infected and not your computer. If not, please reboot your machine and this will stop it.

    Secondly, run your trusty anti-virus and/or anti-malware and follow the on screen prompts from these programs. This is to ensure that the infected site you visited did not start infecting your computer. if possible, report the page you were on to the webmaster of the site you visited.


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  • 3. How Do I Tune Up My Slow Computer?

    Although there are a lot of programs out there that will tune up an old, tired or well worked computer that is starting to run slow. First off is check your anti-virus program. mamy, such as Norton, AVG and McAfee, depending on your version and level of service, have built in tools to speed up your computer.  Some are add-in or upgrades to their products.

    If you do not have this option, there are two programs that we use on client's computers that help considerably and have freeware (free, but limited) versions. This is Malwarebytes and C-Cleaner .

    By using both, they will clean out tracking software that is using up your computer's memory, remove excess files bloating your computer and cleaning up the operating system's registry. All of which will give your computer access to more memory, reduce its workload, and room to function properly.

    P.S. Do not forget to update and run your Anti-Virus program as well, while you are doing this!

    NOTE: If you want to make your protection automatic and take it to the next level, cutting out having to run 2-3 programs separately (Malware, Cleaner & Anti-Virus), I would highly suggest looking at our FAQ on "How Do I Protect Myself with Anti-Virus and Malware" which I elluded to in the first paragraph. These programs can incorporate all 3 and more into 1 software package that will automatically run with a low annual cost $29 - $99.

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