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About Us
The Back Story
Kim Berg started FusionFly in 2009, with a friend/co-worker. We “fused” development knowledge with design skills and formed FusionFly Web Design, LLP. Together we offered a unique approach to web development, being able to create sites that not only function well, but also look great. Fast forward to today and FusionFly is still about creating quality web sites and designs for clients, it’s what we love to do.
What We Do
We build better web sites. We create quality marketing designs. If you haven’t figured it out by this point, FusionFly specializes in developing web solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We believe in building relationship with our clients to build better web sites and quality marketing designs. Learn more about our services, CLICK on the “Services” tab to the left!
Our Services
Web Site Design & Development
Development is just a big word for saying we build web sites. No site is too small or too large. FusionFly takes care of everything from creating custom graphics to adding that really “cool” feature.
Web Hosting
FusionFly is proud to offer an international web hosting service. Select a from basic economy plans to dedicated servers and IP addresses. 24/7 security monitoring with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Extensive language support such as php, python and more. Also compatible with top add-on applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
E-Commerce Web Sites
Thinking of selling online? It is easier then you think. FusionFly offers custom e-commerce options to "do-it-yourself" cart builders. Create professional e-commerce web site today.
Web Site Support Plans
Supporting all those do-it-yourselfers out there who still want (or need) a little help now an then. FusionFly is here to help answer your questions or even fix something when you think you broke it. We will also perform quarterly updates and test your site to make sure everything is working properly.
Search Engine Optimization
Are the search engines finding your web site? FusionFly builds SEO into each and everyone of our sites. We also offer SEO consulting and tips to maximize your web site visibility.
Personal Training
Learn how to maintain your web site yourself! FusionFly offers personal training on our WordPress and Content Management Systems. It is easier then you think, and if you think you may break it, purchase our support plan.
Logo & Identity
Everyone knows and can easily see that a professionally designed logo stands out over generic clip art or mass produced ones. Your logo begins the process and is the corner stone of your brand. We can certainly show you that you custom graphic can be unique, sets you apart for your competition, all while being affordable.
Web Site Maintenance
Wether FusionFly built it or not, chances are, we can help maintain your site. We offer maintenance plans for clients who want to save a little cash while keeping their sites current and up-to-date. Maintaining your site does not have to be hard, time consuming or break the bank.
Web Domain Names
When you need to purchase a domain or transfer you domain, FusionFly is here for you. With a simple process you can secure or transfer the domain (URL) through our outstanding and simplified domain service.
Content Management Systems
There are many options to building a website with CMS systems. From Word Press, Joomla, and general web builders, we can walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of each, so that you end up with the one that works best for you.
E-mail Plans & Marketing
FusionFly offers e-mail plans as well as e-mail marketing services. So wether you just need to have a business email account or send out mass emails, we have a system that will work for you.
SSL Certificates
Let customers know their private details are safe. Protect transactions and customer data with a SSL Certificate. Secure unlimited servers and protect against session hijacking attacks.
Online Storage
Store your files in the cloud! Our online storage is a secure, affordable way to access all your documents, photos, music and more. Back up, store, retrieve and share your data from any online computer. With unlimited sharing, there are no limits to how many times you share a file or how many files you share.
Search Engine Visibility Tools
Having a good website is the first step to being found online, but what is the next? We can assist you in choosing from the mountains of options that can get you found online.
Team Members
Kimberly Berg / Graphic Designer

Kimberly has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Millikin University in Decatur Illinois. While attending Millikin, Kim majored in Graphic Design with a concentration in painting and drawing. Mrs. Berg has been adding her creative thumbprint to the greater Green County Wisconsin area since 2001. This local experience coupled with her solid foundation in the classic arts allows her a very distinct creative edge when it comes to developing digital content. Her work includes designs for The Cheese Day Celebrations, Berghoff & Blues, MCP and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce.

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Tom Purdy / Web Developer

In addition to a life-long love and study of computers Mr. Purdy attended the University of Wisconsin where he studied computers, business, economics, and management while working at the University’s Office of Information Technology providing computer support and training. Since moving to Green County, Mr. Purdy has continued to be very actively involved in many wonderful community based organizations, providing leadership and technological support. His work in the active creation and implementation of many computer systems, business designs, planning projects, and web sites have allowed for the continued growth and development of many organizations, businesses and governmental agencies.

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